The Onion Hypothesis

Some say the universe is infinite. Let's pretend it is. Tier one (In The Video Game): The sacred hippo temple of village Leur is under attack . King Sordo with his army of fourteen men is trying to defend their hard won land against the brutal forces of Empress Citra. She is a legend; conquering every village, … Continue reading The Onion Hypothesis


A witches’ brew to find everything

You shall need the following: A safe haven wherein you forge your spell: A bubbling bazaar under an overzealous sun with dusty, red brick lined shrunken lanes, cunningly tucked in banal corners; their narrow veiled entrances visible only to a pair of eyes curious or habitual enough. Dark heads, chattering tongues, clammy bodies crawl like … Continue reading A witches’ brew to find everything

The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…

Millions of years ago Jack's ancestors had discovered the supertasty sandwich. Dressed in their leopard print underpants they had danced around it with exuberation after their success. Little did they know that the mouth watering, taste bud tingling, spicy and gooey crunchiness of the sandwich would start a war between two planets. At that time … Continue reading The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…