2.1 A wedge of light

.                    -2.1 A wedge of light-

This is a side adventure with the second story 2.Tu- the vulture. There is a link in the middle of the story. Click it and then come here. Trust me it will be more fun that way.

A wedge of light enwrapped me within its warm folds. I lifted my hand and held it in front of the light. Illuminance outlined the skin of my fingers as if it had no substance within. Blood burned red within the palm as it tried with all its might to block the path of the rays.

I watched with awe at the beauty of the sight, feeling safe with the soft kisses of assurance it offered.

And then we were one. I danced with joy as I slid along the tender shoot of a young sprout. Landing at its base I touched it once, it grew up straight and fathered a lovely red blossom.

I slid down the hole of an elderly earthworm and discovered, miles under the earth lives did live. Shooting out through its other end, I looped around the shiny threads of a spider web.

Then I was back again standing under that wedge of light enwrapped within its warm folds.confabler_hand_in_light

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