The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…

Millions of years ago Jack’s ancestors had discovered the supertasty sandwich. Dressed in their leopard print underpants they had danced around it with exuberation after their success.

Little did they know that the mouth watering, taste bud tingling, spicy and gooey crunchiness of the sandwich would start a war between two planets. At that time they still believed the earth was triangular.

But day before yesterday the three eyed, green aliens attacked again for the third time in history seeking to destroy the supertasy sandwich which was the source of unlimited power to anyone who could eat it.

You see the supertasty sandwich protection society ( STSPS) was formed to protect it from villains. The alpha commando of STSPS ( Jack) was responsible for locking the sandwich in an underground bunker in the event of such attacks.

So that day, in the sheer panic and chaos caused by the alien attack Jack wrapped up the supertasty sandwich in a gold encrusted bag and went to the underground bunker.

But when he reached it, an alien stood blocking the door with a smirk on his face. He laughed the evil laugh and snatched the sandwich from Jack’s hands and ran away.

‘Oh no! Not the supertasty sandwich’ Jack thought.

Obviously he followed. He passed the screaming humans and snickering aliens; he ran like hell until he reached the green alien with the supertasty sandwich, panting and huffing for breath.

The alien did the unthinkable. He dropped the sandwich on the ground. No one could eat it after that.

But what the alien did not know was that Jack had licked the sauce off his fingers while he was packing it. He was now a superhero with infinite strength.

He flicked the alien aside with a single sweep of his hand and started beating aliens left and right.

They all left, scurrying away on their tiny legs and have not been seen ever since.

This story is based on an actual event but nobody is aware of the heroism Jack showed to save planet earth the day before yesterday. I request you all to spread his story all over the world so that Jack receives the credit he deserves.

Also he feels extremely grateful for the opportunity daily prompt provided to tell the saga of the supertasty sandwich.

14 thoughts on “The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…

      1. It is a joy! You can get an edition that includes all five of the boos in one volume called “The Ultimate Hitchhikers… To the Galaxy” (I always forget and write “Universe”) but I am sure you will find his sense of the absurd very appealing. I quoted a hunk in my post titled “Ah…!” For your sampling pleasure.

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