Shiny shiny sunshine award

Could it get any better? Sunshine award from O’Shine himself!  Thank you for nominating me.I appreciate it.

It has been a little over three weeks since I started blogging and I found some wonderful, kind and helpful friends out here. Never imagined I would know so many people from all over the world from different walks of life. It has been a pleasure befriending you all and getting to know you and stalking you:roll: is an amazing blog presenting incidents from his daily life in a funny, creative and relatable narration (with special emphasis on his various past and present love pursuits; hope you didn’t mind O’Shine, I couldn’t resist.)

Do visit his site.

Now in answer to his questions:

10. What in your opinion is amiss with the world?

First I thought empathy, but my answer would be commonsense.

Although on a more serious note, I think the world doesn’t have enough teleportation helmets. Mine broke down weeks ago and hasn’t been replaced yet.

9. Who is your favorite world leader and why?

Me, obviously. You ask why? Because I know the secret; I just have to do three things. Discover a way to reverse baldness, promote the porno industry and give unlimited free lifetime supply of ice cream to everyone and the world is mine.

But I have idolized Swami Vivekanand ever since I was kid because of his philosophies of life and the humble nature he owned. He was a great leader and is still.

8. What makes you laugh?

Dry humor, scrubs, The big bang theory, making fun of my family and my best friends who I know won’t kill me for it.

7.Do you love cars? If so which is your favorite?


I see myself as more of a biker girl cruzing down lonely desert roads, not now but maybe in the future. But one day  I could own a jaguar, if I don’t spend all my money on shopping.

6.Do you love speed? What’s the highest you’ve ever done?

I am a big fan of my life so I’ll just say the max I’ve gone is 70-80 km/hr.( don’t laugh)

5. What is your favorite sport and why?

Sumo wrestling. I am working my ass off in qualiflying for the weight criteria.(I’m not overweight, I just eat a lot). I hope I’m not offending any culture.

I gave up all forms of physical activity a few years back. Butz, once upon a time I played football, in school, when it was compulsary to choose a sport.

These days I’m more into running around in the hospital all day.

4. Who’s your favorite sports person and why?

No one specific but I’ll support anyone who looks good ( I’m talking about guys) and is not drowning in his big ego.

3. Tell me about your favorite trip abroad. To which country?

I have never set foot outside India. But there are two trips I enjoyed a lot.

One is when I went to  the Golden Temple with my family. On the train ride there I kept imagining an old love story of heer and ranjha, while looking at the semi arid scenery outside.

The other one is of a visit to the pink city Jaipur. Our hotel was besides a lovely green hill and there were monkeys on the street!

I would like to visit Japan someday and see cherry blossoms.

2. What does your blog mean to you?

It has come to mean a lot. I meet new people everyday, I find new things, dive in lovely stories and art and knowledge and I get to improve my writing and painting.

But the best thing is I found a family here.

1.what’s my blog like to you?

In Indian villages there is usually a giant tree under which people of the village collect in small groups, elders playing cards, housewifes chatting, children playing with marbles, young men oogling beauties. Your blog brings me that feeling of belonging and home.

The way you narrate your tales it makes me feel as if an old friend is sitting besides me and telling me what happened and we are laughing together.

Now the rules:

1.thank the person that nominated you.

2. Answer the questions from your nominator.

3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.

4. Give them 10 questions to answer.

My nominees are:

utopianweb.wordpress. com

iwritethis.wordpress. com

breathingpark.wordpress. com

arjunshivaram.wordpress. com

amazingwanderlust.wordpress. com

chloedouglasblog.wordpress. com

My questions to you:

1. If you were to choose an insect that would take over the world after human extinction, who would that be?

2. How old were you when you first read Harry Potter? And your favorite author of course?

3. If you were invisible what is the craziest thing that you would do?

4.what food makes you feel like a hungry hyena?

5. A song that makes you dream?

6. Have you ever planted a tree?

7. Choose your man: superman/ Spiderman/ iron man and if he was your best friend one thing that you would make him do?

8.How much time do you spend in front of the mirror everyday?

9.why you started blogging and tell us about the post enjoyed the most making.

10. Which social media platform are you addicted to (including WordPress)?

Thank you.

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