The Onion Hypothesis

Some say the universe is infinite. Let’s pretend it is.

Tier one (In The Video Game): The sacred hippo temple of village Leur is under attack . King Sordo with his army of fourteen men is trying to defend their hard won land against the brutal forces of Empress Citra. She is a legend; conquering every village, every vicious beast and every fortress of power the world has. Now it was their turn.

Sordo knows his troop of men would appear like a bleating goat before her battalion of fifty odd men in a direct combat, so he planned a sneak attack in the dead of the night.

Skilfully he and his men dodge all the night patrols around her army’s camp. With swords in hands they surround the grandest tent which their scout had confirmed earlier belonged to the empress.

Disposing off her guards he slits the back of the rusty brown tent and pounces on the feminine form sitting on a chair with maps in front of her, fixing the curved blade of his knife to her throat. Her whole body stiffens but she smiles. Oh how he loves that smile.

“Look around you,” she says.

Her soldiers envelope them on all sides while his bloodied, tattered men are dragged in with bound hands.

“We have seized the hippo temple, leave me or we will burn it to the ground.”

The sacred hippo temple protected his lands; if it was destroyed then his people would die too. It could not burn.

Taking advantage of this distraction, in one swift move his knife is in her hands and then in his heart.

Too late he grips her hand as he drops to his knees and blood soaks her nightgown right where his wound had been.

She looks at him with confusion and pain.

Realizing what he has done he drops her hand from his. His life ring had worked; the fatal wound inflicted on him had transferred to the one he was touching, his empress.

A silent cry and she is dead, lying at his feet.

But there is no happiness, there is no triumph.

Tier two (The Video Gamer): The boy hammers his thumbs around wildly on his ipad screen. His village is under attack. He started playing ‘The Battle Of Heva’ the previous week and is still on a lowly level six with a fifteen man army, one of whom died a few days back in an underground power dungeon while recovering a bonus life ring. This gamer who calls herself ‘Citra’ is a level forty- four player and is now out to conquer his village. He would never win. He devices a strategy and attacks her at night when her men are recharging their lives.

But it turns out she is expecting him to play this move, so she has already split her army in two parts; one half fights in the day time and the other at night while they recharge. Her night army takes over his hippo temple, his life-source, while he is out here to kill her. Ohhh! He feels so frustrated; he had her, he would have killed her but she holds out his temple as ransom in exchange for her life.

He is about to free her; no temple, no him; but she takes his knife and stabs him. Oh no!

But the bonus life ring! he remembers before he dies and activates it. His injury is transferred to her and she dies.

Yes! Victory. Her kingdoms and army is his.

The boy starts dancing on his bed.

Tier three (The Cosmic Magician): The giant red turban clad magician sits cross legged in the soundless space, serenely meditating, with the orb that is Earth resting in his hands. The threads of his magic travel swiftly through every heart on the planet.

He sees a boy immersed in a virtual game. The magician smiles and breathes triumph. On winning the game he fills the boy with joy and laughter; pulls a few strings and makes him dance.

Tier four (The Dreaming Being): Millions of light years away a being sleeps; its body a concentrated cackling white light. It sleeps and it dreams. It dreams of a giant magician sitting cross legged in front of a blue and green planet, with eyes closed tight.

It dreams a smile upon the magician’s lips and empties his mind with peace. Extinguishing his thoughts with its white rays, he connects him to his thousands of kin.

Tier five (The writer): You know who the writer is; just someone who believes.

Some say the universe is infinite. The biggest dilemma, is it?

Let’s pretend we believe them for a few minutes and skip down the steps till its edge we reach.


16 thoughts on “The Onion Hypothesis

    1. I got this one yesterday. But it is on the same concept. Hope you enjoyed it. And I could I ask you to do something?
      If you would point out the faults in my writing I would be very grateful. It’ll give me a chance to improve.😃 If you have the time of course.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Will definitely let you know if I find something that needs to be corrected 🙂 But I am not such a great writer myself… I would strongly advise you to close your post once you have written it, take a break, and then get back to it and edit it impartially… post it after this self-review. Helps. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I love posts written in free form!
        ..and yeah …. actually was in the middle f it and I was like “I have to comment on this one”……. you keep things simple and word selection is inspiring for an aspiring blogger like me! 🙂
        Just comment my very first reaction while reading this article! Wow again! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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