Aww! I am loved (awards)

A gazillion thanks to my blogging family for their support and love. When my baby blog was born, I had never thought anyone would pay it any attention, but here I am now with 101+ followers and so many creative friends from a diverse palette of cultures.

Keep spreading your beauty all over the world.

Time for the replies I promised…

LIEBSTER AWARD:                                      

Jen (rules for the nominees) was kind enough to nominate me for this award. 

Thank you and please visit her blog if you don’t want to miss her magic in action. Her questions are:

1. If you will a WP award, what would you be and what would be your mechanics?

#the bee award; do some kind deed(s) for two days and post what you did. Nominate two people each day. No exaggeration, no lying.

2. If you got turned into a holiday, how would the world celebrate you?

Carnivals, free chocolate, parties with friends, gifts, total freedom and worldwide ban on studying for a day.

3. What fictional world would you like to live in and why?

‘The secret garden’ as my reading nook, ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea’ to sail underwater in a glass submarine.

4. Have you ever stalked anyone and if so, what were your stalking techniques?

Does searching my past crushes on fb count?


I wake up every day like this. Just kidding.

I would check the ventilator and other lines supporting my real brain-dead body. After all a wandering soul needs a new body then I would go pee.


Make him sing.


Invite her in, have a pajama party, gossip and pack for the moors.


Buy a catapult and aim the little birdie at the nearest dustbin (don’t booo, it’s a cartoon.)

9. Choose which halloween costume you will wear this year?


No Halloween here, but if I could then ‘suicide squad.’


With my best friend. A picnic in the blue and green world because we understand each other’s silence.

My nominees are: OShaggy re , diiwanna , O Shine Original 

Please answer the same questions as I did ( in Q 5 &6, interchange the images if you want and in Q 9 choose any costume from the whole wide world.)


Received, thanks to Jasmine (rules for nominees) who posts wonderful book reviews and recommendations. All you book lovers, go say hi to her.

1. Do words come easy to you when you start to write a blog post or book reviews?

Sometimes yes, mostly no. I have to sit and think for hours.

2. How do you manage your time? reading, working, commenting, blogging and life.

Blogging takes place in the voids of my day; an empty second here and there. Reading occurs as bursts of obsession and compulsion for complete days until I finish the book. Life is everything bundled together.

3. Do you like to travel? Sightseeing?

Yes, I like to travel but I haven’t had a chance to do much of that. Maybe someday…

4. What book are you currently reading?

Snell’s clinical anatomy (not a novel.)

5.  Do you carry a book with you everywhere?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

6. What is your favorite color?

Green gives me peace, Orange happiness and white, a place to create.

7. Do you do adult coloring?

I make paintings (like the header image here) but I don’t think I would enjoy a coloring book; need to make my own lines.

8. Do you go to restaurants judging by the look on the outside or friend’s recommendations?


9. What is your second favorite after reading?

Painting, writing, daydreaming, annoying my brother and parents, fighting with my friends, diy crafts.

10. Do you fall asleep while reading?

Yup, all the time.

11. Who is your book crush?

Mr. Darcy (#blushing.)

My nominees are: Piratepatty , marple25mary  , Jen’s magic, AlphaAri

Please answer the same questions that I did, if you choose to accept.


Thanks for this goes to Rohit and Madhumita (rules for nominees) who have curated a wide array of things from photographs and quotes to lists of bizarre facts.

How my blog started: On a sleepless night at one a.m. while watching a rerun of sex and the city series I decided to copy my friend (utopianweb) and create a blog and see what happens. It has now become a place where I can experiment and learn and see if anything I write is even worth reading.

My advice to new bloggers: don’t chase followers. Open your heart, liberate your spirit and write anything and everything.

My nominees: pooja g , secontymblogger , Josh (chai and biscuit)


Namitha from teenmemoir  kindly nominated me for this award.

Seven random facts about me are:

1. At the age of 17 I owned a set of real human bones, to study in first year of med school.

2. I still use a handkerchief.

3. I and my roommate have had a real paranormal encounter.

4. Nearly fainted my first time observing an operation. It was an amputation (of the little toe.)

5. Been in an earthquake.

6. Seen a venus transit.

7. If I see good veins I want to put an i/v line in it.

My nominees are: Arjun shivaram , ramblings of a bored teenager , southern by design , Luna wanderings

3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE: I thank OShaggy re (who will tell you why you should pee in the pool) and arjun shivaram (a talented young writer) for the nominations.  

No one is under any obligation to accept. But should you choose to accept then the rules of the awards are posted on the respective links of the bloggers who nominated me, above.

Thank you to the brave and curious souls who read this till the end.

53 thoughts on “Aww! I am loved (awards)

    1. confabler says:

      When I first heard of virtual awards I thought I won’t accept them but when someone nominates it is with so much love. I hate to break anyone’s heart and let their hard work in designing the questions and linking, go to waste. So I clubbed them together.
      Glad you enjoyed it.😊

      Liked by 1 person

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