​Another planetary revolution almost done! 

With the Earth successfully completing  another 365 1/4 days of dancing around the sun, still madly in love after centuries, my time on it this year has been filled with many firsts punctuated by moments of the lesser desired emotions as well. Here are a few interesting ones while waiting for a renewal:

1. Started my first job as a junior resident/ house surgeon whichever sounds more impressive and loved the superhero feel of it. Also conning my way to numerous paid leaves from my senior consultant was worth every cutesy dog face I made. I’m so glad he is not reading this. 

The family I found in the staff there and the blessings, laughter, pain, worry and the loss of the patients who were kind enough to let me into their lives will forever be with me. Though they might not be reading this post but I hope they get well soon. 

2. Got my degree. Yaay! 

And in the oath administered swore that all doctors are my brothers and sisters. Sisters I have no problem with, but brothers? All of them? There should be an exception clause. 

Wore a sari for the first time to the graduation ceremony and dreaded the moment when it would fall off. That stuff defies basic laws of physics. 

3. Separated from  my college friends who all started their own adult lives after graduation. 

I miss shopping, idle gossip and making fun of each other. Life is not the same. 

Beginning to feel like an adult. 

4. Started my first blog here. I was a bit reluctant at first but I’m glad I created this space. The love, encouragement and friendship I receive here from all over the world are irreplaceable. Thank you all for always being there for me. 

It feels so much like home that sometimes I forget we speak different languages, have different food, cultures and upbringing. Political borders appear to be just a state of mind in this beautiful world. 

5. Started writing seriously for the first time. 

Although I have been writing since I was a kid, but that was only to unclutter my mind. With this blog I started writing for others to read, hoping that my writing doesn’t taste like a piece of boiled broccoli. 

6. Got published and shortlisted on the Jaipur Literature Festival website. The first time I have been published or shortlisted anywhere. I’m proud that I made it this far but screwed up the Skype interview for it. My first interview and I made my ancestors proud by blabbing unnecessary woes of my life to entertain the interviewer. 

7. My best friends from school had kids and for the first time in my life I’m wondering which brand of diapers to gift them with or if ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ would be too advanced for four month olds.

8. Started baking while retaining my ability to burn water. Isn’t that genius? 

9. Tasted rainbow cake for the first time today. 

10. And I’ll be boring you my first book project in the next post. Beware! 

Bye bye


A week of absence

I won’t be available on wp for this whole week till 11 th of Dec due to a very tight schedule. 

 Hope you’ll excuse me for not being able to read,  like and comment on your posts  as well as responding to those on mine during this time. 

See you all soon. Have a nice week.☺

Gateways Of Relativity

His father was gone. Forever. 

It was hard to believe, the unanswered questions on his face said. Was it even true? With eyes too proud for tears, he held onto the widow for support, for once losing that pride. 

He must not. Must be strong. For her. 

He tucked her head under his chin and closed his eyes, perhaps paying the first visit to this new graveyard. They stood alone in the chaos of the emergency room, each in a different world of grief. And I wonder standing here… 

Where was that exact moment when he was and suddenly he wasn’t? 

Is it that abrupt? Is it that absolute?

There is a last breath, yes, with a static heart. That is not where we step into the underworld – stationed at the banks of Acheron – glancing at our watch.

It is at this time that resuscitation pumps the heart from outside. So you should make a point of encouraging those around you to go to the gym once in a while and learn CPR. Who knows theirs might be the muscles that keep your heart beating (no pun intended). 

By this time his heart could have caught up and started pumping blood on its own. But it didn’t, pronouncing him legally dead after all these efforts failed. Yet again, I wonder is this where he left his wife and son with the echoes of his loss? 

The definition of all the aspects and processes of death involve a single most important word ‘irreversible’. Everything that happens now is irreversible.

His soma ceased to be. There was life in the millions of cells, and the molecules fueling them, that made up his body. Ever so slowly, like a hesitant drop falling off a closed faucet, each of them died one by one in two hours or three. The news had reached the embraced pair long before that miniscule warmth left his last cell. Once the whole body gave up there was little those cells –  that glued together to form him –  could do, except use what was left and die. Is this where the angels of death took him away? Or was it somewhere in between?

I wonder standing here. Where did he die for them? Or has he? Will he ever? 

I wonder standing here. Where will mine give up on me?

It is all relative you see: for them, for me, for a stranger, for every individual.

 Absolute does not exist.