The subjects of life

And that, my friends, is the colour-coded version of the other half of my bed. 


A week of absence

I won’t be available on wp for this whole week till 11 th of Dec due to a very tight schedule. 

 Hope you’ll excuse me for not being able to read,  like and comment on your posts  as well as responding to those on mine during this time. 

See you all soon. Have a nice week.☺

Aww! I am loved (awards)

A gazillion thanks to my blogging family for their support and love. When my baby blog was born, I had never thought anyone would pay it any attention, but here I am now with 101+ followers and so many creative friends from a diverse palette of cultures.

Keep spreading your beauty all over the world.

Time for the replies I promised…

LIEBSTER AWARD:                                      

Jen (rules for the nominees) was kind enough to nominate me for this award. 

Thank you and please visit her blog if you don’t want to miss her magic in action. Her questions are:

1. If you will a WP award, what would you be and what would be your mechanics?

#the bee award; do some kind deed(s) for two days and post what you did. Nominate two people each day. No exaggeration, no lying.

2. If you got turned into a holiday, how would the world celebrate you?

Carnivals, free chocolate, parties with friends, gifts, total freedom and worldwide ban on studying for a day.

3. What fictional world would you like to live in and why?

‘The secret garden’ as my reading nook, ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea’ to sail underwater in a glass submarine.

4. Have you ever stalked anyone and if so, what were your stalking techniques?

Does searching my past crushes on fb count?


I wake up every day like this. Just kidding.

I would check the ventilator and other lines supporting my real brain-dead body. After all a wandering soul needs a new body then I would go pee.


Make him sing.


Invite her in, have a pajama party, gossip and pack for the moors.


Buy a catapult and aim the little birdie at the nearest dustbin (don’t booo, it’s a cartoon.)

9. Choose which halloween costume you will wear this year?


No Halloween here, but if I could then ‘suicide squad.’


With my best friend. A picnic in the blue and green world because we understand each other’s silence.

My nominees are: OShaggy re , diiwanna , O Shine Original 

Please answer the same questions as I did ( in Q 5 &6, interchange the images if you want and in Q 9 choose any costume from the whole wide world.)


Received, thanks to Jasmine (rules for nominees) who posts wonderful book reviews and recommendations. All you book lovers, go say hi to her.

1. Do words come easy to you when you start to write a blog post or book reviews?

Sometimes yes, mostly no. I have to sit and think for hours.

2. How do you manage your time? reading, working, commenting, blogging and life.

Blogging takes place in the voids of my day; an empty second here and there. Reading occurs as bursts of obsession and compulsion for complete days until I finish the book. Life is everything bundled together.

3. Do you like to travel? Sightseeing?

Yes, I like to travel but I haven’t had a chance to do much of that. Maybe someday…

4. What book are you currently reading?

Snell’s clinical anatomy (not a novel.)

5.  Do you carry a book with you everywhere?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

6. What is your favorite color?

Green gives me peace, Orange happiness and white, a place to create.

7. Do you do adult coloring?

I make paintings (like the header image here) but I don’t think I would enjoy a coloring book; need to make my own lines.

8. Do you go to restaurants judging by the look on the outside or friend’s recommendations?


9. What is your second favorite after reading?

Painting, writing, daydreaming, annoying my brother and parents, fighting with my friends, diy crafts.

10. Do you fall asleep while reading?

Yup, all the time.

11. Who is your book crush?

Mr. Darcy (#blushing.)

My nominees are: Piratepatty , marple25mary  , Jen’s magic, AlphaAri

Please answer the same questions that I did, if you choose to accept.


Thanks for this goes to Rohit and Madhumita (rules for nominees) who have curated a wide array of things from photographs and quotes to lists of bizarre facts.

How my blog started: On a sleepless night at one a.m. while watching a rerun of sex and the city series I decided to copy my friend (utopianweb) and create a blog and see what happens. It has now become a place where I can experiment and learn and see if anything I write is even worth reading.

My advice to new bloggers: don’t chase followers. Open your heart, liberate your spirit and write anything and everything.

My nominees: pooja g , secontymblogger , Josh (chai and biscuit)


Namitha from teenmemoir  kindly nominated me for this award.

Seven random facts about me are:

1. At the age of 17 I owned a set of real human bones, to study in first year of med school.

2. I still use a handkerchief.

3. I and my roommate have had a real paranormal encounter.

4. Nearly fainted my first time observing an operation. It was an amputation (of the little toe.)

5. Been in an earthquake.

6. Seen a venus transit.

7. If I see good veins I want to put an i/v line in it.

My nominees are: Arjun shivaram , ramblings of a bored teenager , southern by design , Luna wanderings

3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE: I thank OShaggy re (who will tell you why you should pee in the pool) and arjun shivaram (a talented young writer) for the nominations.  

No one is under any obligation to accept. But should you choose to accept then the rules of the awards are posted on the respective links of the bloggers who nominated me, above.

Thank you to the brave and curious souls who read this till the end.

For when you cry…

Welcome my fellow minions! I have been asked to quote so here I quote with a little story:

“Before I got my eye put out

I liked as well to see-

As other creatures, that have eyes

And know no other way-“

– Emily Dickinson

The entire poem carries a different interpretation; in more of an aesthetic sense originally but my frail attempt to mould the first stanza into my own understanding of the world goes thus:


The husband and wife stood outside in their driveway arguing.

“You should have at least asked me. But noo, you had go and spend all our money on that stupid scheme of yours,” shouted the wife, following her husband to his car.

“Our money? Our money! I earn that money. I work hard for that money, scurrying around like a dog all day and you just sit and enjoy the comforts I provide. It’s not our money. It’s my money. I’ll do whatever I want with it.”

“Is that so? I sit around all day, huh? Then who the hell do you think keeps the house clean and working. Who makes sure you don’t starve? Who takes care of the kids, you?”

“Oh, not you definitely! The servants do everything. You just shout at them all day; do this, do that.”

“If that is so easy, then why don’t you it a try one day. Let’s see if you can make those lazy bums do anything.”

“Whatever. I don’t have to ask for your permission for everything. It’s my money and I’ll do as I please. Remember your place, you are my wife not my owner.”

She stood dumbfounded. Had he actually said ‘remember your place, you are my wife.’ What on earth did that even mean? ‘Remember her place.’ She was his wife, not an errant employee who had stepped out of line.

The snap of his car door brought her back.

“I know it won’t work out. Your idiotic scheme. I just know,” she shouted back just in time as he reversed his car and flew away in anger.

“And then you’ll lose everything, all your money.”

An unwelcome spasm of sadness threatened to burst through her eyes as she stood alone in front of the white marble covered arched entryway of her house. But not yet; she steeled herself. Not in front of everyone, not in front of the servants. The betrayal, the belittlement she felt was private, not a public display for the help.

With a quivering lower lip masked by an expression of superior indifference she walked through the house quickly to reach her room, never once lowering her eyes to meet a daring glare.

They would gossip she was sure but for now she didn’t care. She collapsed on the floor near the foot of her bed and let the tiny drops rain down her cheek; silently at first, afraid that anyone could hear. But did it really matter? She thought as sobs of moist loneliness consumed her heart. She felt empty, like a wooden puppet. Did he really think so little of her? She had always caught a hint of dominion in his manner but isn’t that how all men are?

‘I am his wife’ she had always said with a tender pride; ‘You are my wife’ he had spat with a contemptuous command.

A soft patter of steps outside her room broke her musings. She looked up with tear filled eyes to find a little girl looking at her from behind the half closed door. Upon seeing that she had caught her attention the little one ran away.

Those urchins! She cursed. She had specifically asked the servants not to bring their kids to the house after the vase breaking incident a year ago. God knows how carefully she had to watch them lest someone pocket a trinket or two. No one could trust the maids already; they were forever in search of an opportunity.

With reluctance she made the decision to get up and close the door but before she could the little girl returned. Putting one unsure foot in front of the other she approached and presented her misery crusted self with a red rose plucked fresh from the garden.

With a soft smile the little one said,” You are so pretty mistress. Please don’t cry.”

And just like that the worthless became valued and the valued worthless.


A many thanks to fauxcroft for his/her kind nomination for the three day quote challenge. Do visit the site to climb the poignant constructs of poetry residing there.


I will be waiting to hear how you all found this piece.

Picture credit: pixabay

The Onion Hypothesis

Some say the universe is infinite. Let’s pretend it is.

Tier one (In The Video Game): The sacred hippo temple of village Leur is under attack . King Sordo with his army of fourteen men is trying to defend their hard won land against the brutal forces of Empress Citra. She is a legend; conquering every village, every vicious beast and every fortress of power the world has. Now it was their turn.

Sordo knows his troop of men would appear like a bleating goat before her battalion of fifty odd men in a direct combat, so he planned a sneak attack in the dead of the night.

Skilfully he and his men dodge all the night patrols around her army’s camp. With swords in hands they surround the grandest tent which their scout had confirmed earlier belonged to the empress.

Disposing off her guards he slits the back of the rusty brown tent and pounces on the feminine form sitting on a chair with maps in front of her, fixing the curved blade of his knife to her throat. Her whole body stiffens but she smiles. Oh how he loves that smile.

“Look around you,” she says.

Her soldiers envelope them on all sides while his bloodied, tattered men are dragged in with bound hands.

“We have seized the hippo temple, leave me or we will burn it to the ground.”

The sacred hippo temple protected his lands; if it was destroyed then his people would die too. It could not burn.

Taking advantage of this distraction, in one swift move his knife is in her hands and then in his heart.

Too late he grips her hand as he drops to his knees and blood soaks her nightgown right where his wound had been.

She looks at him with confusion and pain.

Realizing what he has done he drops her hand from his. His life ring had worked; the fatal wound inflicted on him had transferred to the one he was touching, his empress.

A silent cry and she is dead, lying at his feet.

But there is no happiness, there is no triumph.

Tier two (The Video Gamer): The boy hammers his thumbs around wildly on his ipad screen. His village is under attack. He started playing ‘The Battle Of Heva’ the previous week and is still on a lowly level six with a fifteen man army, one of whom died a few days back in an underground power dungeon while recovering a bonus life ring. This gamer who calls herself ‘Citra’ is a level forty- four player and is now out to conquer his village. He would never win. He devices a strategy and attacks her at night when her men are recharging their lives.

But it turns out she is expecting him to play this move, so she has already split her army in two parts; one half fights in the day time and the other at night while they recharge. Her night army takes over his hippo temple, his life-source, while he is out here to kill her. Ohhh! He feels so frustrated; he had her, he would have killed her but she holds out his temple as ransom in exchange for her life.

He is about to free her; no temple, no him; but she takes his knife and stabs him. Oh no!

But the bonus life ring! he remembers before he dies and activates it. His injury is transferred to her and she dies.

Yes! Victory. Her kingdoms and army is his.

The boy starts dancing on his bed.

Tier three (The Cosmic Magician): The giant red turban clad magician sits cross legged in the soundless space, serenely meditating, with the orb that is Earth resting in his hands. The threads of his magic travel swiftly through every heart on the planet.

He sees a boy immersed in a virtual game. The magician smiles and breathes triumph. On winning the game he fills the boy with joy and laughter; pulls a few strings and makes him dance.

Tier four (The Dreaming Being): Millions of light years away a being sleeps; its body a concentrated cackling white light. It sleeps and it dreams. It dreams of a giant magician sitting cross legged in front of a blue and green planet, with eyes closed tight.

It dreams a smile upon the magician’s lips and empties his mind with peace. Extinguishing his thoughts with its white rays, he connects him to his thousands of kin.

Tier five (The writer): You know who the writer is; just someone who believes.

Some say the universe is infinite. The biggest dilemma, is it?

Let’s pretend we believe them for a few minutes and skip down the steps till its edge we reach.


Shiny shiny sunshine award

Could it get any better? Sunshine award from O’Shine himself!  Thank you for nominating me.I appreciate it.

It has been a little over three weeks since I started blogging and I found some wonderful, kind and helpful friends out here. Never imagined I would know so many people from all over the world from different walks of life. It has been a pleasure befriending you all and getting to know you and stalking you:roll: is an amazing blog presenting incidents from his daily life in a funny, creative and relatable narration (with special emphasis on his various past and present love pursuits; hope you didn’t mind O’Shine, I couldn’t resist.)

Do visit his site.

Now in answer to his questions:

10. What in your opinion is amiss with the world?

First I thought empathy, but my answer would be commonsense.

Although on a more serious note, I think the world doesn’t have enough teleportation helmets. Mine broke down weeks ago and hasn’t been replaced yet.

9. Who is your favorite world leader and why?

Me, obviously. You ask why? Because I know the secret; I just have to do three things. Discover a way to reverse baldness, promote the porno industry and give unlimited free lifetime supply of ice cream to everyone and the world is mine.

But I have idolized Swami Vivekanand ever since I was kid because of his philosophies of life and the humble nature he owned. He was a great leader and is still.

8. What makes you laugh?

Dry humor, scrubs, The big bang theory, making fun of my family and my best friends who I know won’t kill me for it.

7.Do you love cars? If so which is your favorite?


I see myself as more of a biker girl cruzing down lonely desert roads, not now but maybe in the future. But one day  I could own a jaguar, if I don’t spend all my money on shopping.

6.Do you love speed? What’s the highest you’ve ever done?

I am a big fan of my life so I’ll just say the max I’ve gone is 70-80 km/hr.( don’t laugh)

5. What is your favorite sport and why?

Sumo wrestling. I am working my ass off in qualiflying for the weight criteria.(I’m not overweight, I just eat a lot). I hope I’m not offending any culture.

I gave up all forms of physical activity a few years back. Butz, once upon a time I played football, in school, when it was compulsary to choose a sport.

These days I’m more into running around in the hospital all day.

4. Who’s your favorite sports person and why?

No one specific but I’ll support anyone who looks good ( I’m talking about guys) and is not drowning in his big ego.

3. Tell me about your favorite trip abroad. To which country?

I have never set foot outside India. But there are two trips I enjoyed a lot.

One is when I went to  the Golden Temple with my family. On the train ride there I kept imagining an old love story of heer and ranjha, while looking at the semi arid scenery outside.

The other one is of a visit to the pink city Jaipur. Our hotel was besides a lovely green hill and there were monkeys on the street!

I would like to visit Japan someday and see cherry blossoms.

2. What does your blog mean to you?

It has come to mean a lot. I meet new people everyday, I find new things, dive in lovely stories and art and knowledge and I get to improve my writing and painting.

But the best thing is I found a family here.

1.what’s my blog like to you?

In Indian villages there is usually a giant tree under which people of the village collect in small groups, elders playing cards, housewifes chatting, children playing with marbles, young men oogling beauties. Your blog brings me that feeling of belonging and home.

The way you narrate your tales it makes me feel as if an old friend is sitting besides me and telling me what happened and we are laughing together.

Now the rules:

1.thank the person that nominated you.

2. Answer the questions from your nominator.

3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.

4. Give them 10 questions to answer.

My nominees are:

utopianweb.wordpress. com

iwritethis.wordpress. com

breathingpark.wordpress. com

arjunshivaram.wordpress. com

amazingwanderlust.wordpress. com

chloedouglasblog.wordpress. com

My questions to you:

1. If you were to choose an insect that would take over the world after human extinction, who would that be?

2. How old were you when you first read Harry Potter? And your favorite author of course?

3. If you were invisible what is the craziest thing that you would do?

4.what food makes you feel like a hungry hyena?

5. A song that makes you dream?

6. Have you ever planted a tree?

7. Choose your man: superman/ Spiderman/ iron man and if he was your best friend one thing that you would make him do?

8.How much time do you spend in front of the mirror everyday?

9.why you started blogging and tell us about the post enjoyed the most making.

10. Which social media platform are you addicted to (including WordPress)?

Thank you.