War! War! War!———–War!

Today my dearies I have attained enlightenment. I am blissfully one with the world. The reason for my current state is a cooking show I saw in the morning. They made oats with orange, it’s zest, raw cocoa beans, honey, chocolate bark and some more goodies; yum, yum , yum…( salivating) *** “I know not … Continue reading War! War! War!———–War!


The Twin Pools Of Mermaids

“Ever let the Fancy roam, pleasure never is at home” -From Fancy by John Keats (a surgeon by training and a poet by heart) Now here is my story inspired by the colorful imaginations of the great poet: *** Ancients say there are two pools, conceived together in the early days of inception. In a forest … Continue reading The Twin Pools Of Mermaids

The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…

Millions of years ago Jack's ancestors had discovered the supertasty sandwich. Dressed in their leopard print underpants they had danced around it with exuberation after their success. Little did they know that the mouth watering, taste bud tingling, spicy and gooey crunchiness of the sandwich would start a war between two planets. At that time … Continue reading The Ancient Saga Of Aliens And The Assassinated Sandwich…