The Third Mistress Of Time 

​If my eyes held all the stars, 

I would close these eyes forever, 

Keep them safe, just for myself. 


If every dust mote inked its story on me, 

I would don a midnight blue gown, 

Keep them chained, just for myself. 


If time ever knocked on my door, 

I would, with eyes still closed, 

Sweep him off for a dance. 


If he dared a look at me, 

I would offer a gentle smile, 

Hiding his secrets forever from him. 


If the warmth of his hands ever coated my skin, 

I would still keep these eyes shut, 

Or would I? Just for myself. 


Any second now, 

He will be here, 

Let me gaze at those eyes once, 

Let me read another word, 

Just for myself. 

Then I am his. 


Picture credit:pixabay


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